A Message for Blossom

With my maternity leave officially starting, I wanted to leave a special message for my 5-7s dance teaching assistant, who we all know as Blossom.

THANK YOU so much for your love, support, creativity, hard work, sense of humour, thoughtfulness, quick thinking and every other of your wonderful qualities that you bring to us.

You're a total celebrity amongst all the dancers and they completely adore you, as I do. After all this time and classes shared with you, you still amaze me with your incredible abilities with our dancers in any situation.

A particularly special thank you for your extra support during my pregnancy! The 5-7s classes are high paced and hard work to teach, but we've managed to keep that pace because you have voluntarily stepped up and taken on extra responsibilities in class so that I can take extra care of myself and baby.

UP! Dance just wouldn't be the same without you and I really hope we have a long future of teaching together because I'm not sure what I would do without you!

All of the dancers and I are going to miss you so much, and we're already excited to be back with you in June.

Lots of love, Jade and all the 5-7 UP! Dancers

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