We Did It!

WELL DONE to all the fantastic UP! Dancers for their incredible performances this evening. To say I'm proud is an understatement. They are dedicated, hard working & passionate and they are what makes the UP! TEAM! πŸ˜†

We've had the most incredible year. Our 5-7s have grown leaps and bounds. We have focused on a huge array of new skills and creative abilities such as balance, rhythm, pair work, independent creative thinking & so much more. They have become more active, independent learners and have shown huge development with their communication with myself and their fellow dancers.

Our 8-10s and 11-13s have created & choreographed their very own solos and duets, which at such a young age, is a truly outstanding achievement. Not only this, but they then went on to perform them to an audience of over than 100!

Roll on September...


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