Welcome to UP! Dance Collaborations. 

We provide innovative & exciting Contemporary/Modern & Street Dance classes in Buckingham open to children between the ages of 3-18.

We do things differently here at UP! We love individuality, we love unique and we love creativity. Every child has their own creative streak and we make it our priority to find it, bring it out and help it to flourish. Whilst creating fantastic choreographies, we also focus on many fundamental, transferable skills in child development including; teamwork, leadership, communication, problem solving and mindfulness.


Our students also:

  • Grow in confidence and courage. With self belief comes achievement.

  • Develop flexibility, strength and explore new movement and creative ideas

  • They will widen their physical and mental capacity, whilst developing spacial awareness and co-ordination 

  • Find their inner creative spark, all whilst keeping fit and healthy

  • Develop and improve on performance skills

  • Learn to give and receive constructive feedback

  • Be given the opportunity to self express and release stress in a comfortable & safe environment

  • Make friends for life!

We don't grade. We believe in a more modern and constructive approach to achievement, appreciation and progression. As the backbone to everything we do, we encourage, constructively critique and create a happy and comfortable environment for our students to thrive within. We also organise 1-2 showcases per year for our family and friends to come and see everything that we have achieved in the previous terms.

Working together, learning together and succeeding together. We at UP! are a team.